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Carrie Bellows

Lead Consultant


My Story

🌻 About SunflowerScentedWonders

Welcome to the world of SunflowerScentedWonders! I'm Carrie, the creative force behind this fragrant and inspiring brand.

🕯️ Scented Dreams: I've always believed in the power of scent to transform spaces and uplift moods. SunflowerScentedWonders is where my passion for Scentsy comes to life. It's not just about fragrances; it's about crafting beautiful, aromatic experiences for your home.

🌼 Blooms and Butterflies: I'm enchanted by the beauty of sunflowers and the grace of butterflies. They symbolize the simple joys of life, and you'll often find their influence in the essence of my creations.

🏈 Buffalo Bills and Gnomes: I'm a devoted Buffalo Bills fan and find whimsy in gnomes. These interests add a dash of character and charm to the SunflowerScentedWonders experience.

💅💄 Glamour and Grace: Beyond Scentsy, I'm an aficionado of nails and makeup. Glamour is an art, and I enjoy sharing tips and tricks to help you shine your brightest.

📚 Motivation and Inspiration: Inspirational quotes are a cornerstone of my daily routine. They serve as a reminder that positivity and determination can light up even the darkest days.

🎶 Harmonious Notes: Music is the universal language that binds us all. I curate playlists that set the perfect tone for different moments in life.

Join me on this aromatic journey, and together, we'll make your world more beautiful, more scented, and full of wonders. Your space should feel like home, and I'm here to make that happen.

Let's infuse a little sunshine into each day with SunflowerScentedWonders.

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